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Mass HIway Social Media Policy

To highlight our commitment to transparency in government, Mass HIway has launched several new web based tools for outreach, education and information. These tools are not intended to replace the channels currently in place for press and constituent communication.

Mass HIway also uses several social media tools to communicate with constituents and is constantly taking advantage of new methods of communication to better reach more people. While we try to provide a comprehensive list of social media tools we use, the list might not be fully up to date.

Mass HIway is only responsible for their own content and material they post to their official social media accounts. We are not responsible for any other content on the social media site, including but not limited to any material or content uploaded by other users who are not the owner of the specific social media account (including other agencies) — whether or not associated with the account or any of its content by any means — or for any advertising or other content contained on the social media site.

Mass HIway’s social media accounts are intended to provide announcements and updates on current events or notices to any other users who elect to watch or follow our Twitter feed and to engage with constituents.

Mass HIway will not respond via social media to press inquiries, resident questions or complaints, or other serious constituent matters. For instructions on appropriate methods for contacting us about such issues, please contact us via the contact information provided below.

List of Social Media Tools

Twitter™ (Privacy Policy and Terms of Service)

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