HIway Atttestation Overview

Mass HIway Attestation

Provider Organizations that are required to meet the HIway Connection Requirement must submit an online Attestation Form each year to attest to their efforts to implement Health Information Exchange use cases.

The table below shows what Attestation Form to use for attestation year 2020. The applicable form must be submitted by December 31, 2020.

Provider Organizations that have not fulfilled the HIway Connection Requirement will need to submit an Exception Form.

The Attestation and Exception Forms are updated annually. To download the latest forms for the current attestation year, click here.

Provider Organization First Year of Requirement Submit by December 31, 2020
Acute Care Hospitals 2017 Year 4 Attestation Form
Large and Medium Medical Ambulatory Practices 2018 Year 3 Attestation Form
Large Community Health Centers
Small Community Health Centers 2019 Year 2 Attestation Form

Online Attestation Requirements

The annual Attestation Forms collect two key areas of information:

1.    How the organization met its HIway Connection Requirement. Attestation questions include:
            o  Description of the provider-to-provider use case
            o  Approximate # of HIway Direct Messages per month for the use case

2.   Whether the organization has an EHR, and if so, how it is connected to the HIway. Attestation questions include:
            o  Name and version of the EHR
            o  Whether the EHR is an ONC Certified Health IT Product
            o  How the organization connected to the HIway
                       Options: (1) EHR directly to HIway, (2) EHR via a HISP, or (3) via Mass HIway webmail

Suggested Attestation Steps

The online attestation must be completed in one sitting by December 31, 2020. The exact date will be announced in the future, at which time the Online Attestation Forms will become available on the HIway website. You can prepare for the attestation, by using the PDF version of the forms.

Once the forms become available, the suggested completion steps, as shown in the image below are:

1.   To access the page with the PDF attestation forms, click here.

2.   Download the PDF version to prepare the answers

3.   When you are ready to submit online, click here.

4.   Fill in the Online Attestation Forms and submit to the Mass HIway.

If you don't meet the HIway Connection Requirement

If your organization did not meet its 2020 HIway Connection Requirement, an authorized representative of the organization is required to complete an Online Exception Form. To access the PDF and Online versions of the Exception Form, click here. Use the PDF version of the Exception Form to plan and prepare your responses.

After we receive the online form, the Mass HIway may contact your organization to discuss your organization’s plans to comply with its 2020 HIway connection requirement.

If an organization did not meet its Year 2 HIway connection requirement in 2020, it is still expected to meet the Year 3 requirement in 2021 and submit a Year 3 HIway Attestation Form by Summer 2021. Likewise, if an organization did not meet its Year 3 requirement in 2020, the organization is still expected to meet its Year 4 requirement in 2021 and submit a Year 4 attestation form by Summer 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mass HIway Regulations FAQs provide Questions & Answers related to the Mass HIway Regulations, and the attestation process. To access the FAQs, click here.


Review the webinar below to learn more about the Mass HIway Connection Requirement and Attestation Process.

2020 HIway Connection Requirement and Attestation - Dec 2020 - PDF (ENS slide updated)


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