HIway Attestation Forms

Mass HIway Attestation Forms

Provider Organizations subject to the HIway Connection Requirement must submit annual documentation attesting to their efforts to implement health information exchange use cases.

Starting in 2021, Acute Care Hospitals will also need to submit information regarding participation in the Statewide ENS Framework.

Provider Organizations must submit via online Attestation and Exception Webforms. The HIway provides PDF versions of the forms to enable providers in preparing responses for completing the online attestation, but the HIway will not accept digital/scanned PDF submissions.

For more information, please review the Mass HIway Regulations Summary and FAQs.                  

2021 Deadline

The attestation process is currently closed. The deadline for submitting attestations regarding your 2020 use cases and ENS participation is October 31, 2021.

PDF Preparation Forms

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PDF versions of the 2021 Attestation and Exception forms will be made available on this page, and by email, in the spring of 2021. Sign up for the HIway newsletter to receive announcements that the PDF versions are available.

Online Attestation and Exception Webforms

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The online Attestation and Exception Webforms will be launched this summer and access will become available here. The launch will be announced via the HIway newsletter. Sign up to the newsletter here.

Unique IDs

Provider Organizations must enter their organization’s unique ID (and, if applicable, the unique IDs for any sub-organizations) on their attestation/exception form. Your ID is assigned by the HIway and can be found using this document with the unique IDs (version 1/5/2021).

Contact The Mass HIway

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