The Massachusetts Health Information HIway (Mass HIway)

HIway Connection Requirement & Attestation Process
Provider Organizations subject to the HIway Connection Requirement must submit annual documentation attesting to their efforts to implement health information exchange use cases.

Currently, Acute Care Hospitals, Community Health Centers, and Medium/Large Medical Ambulatory Practices are subject to the Connection Requirement. Additionally, starting this year, Acute Care Hospitals must submit information regarding participation in the EOHHS Market-based ENS Initiative. The deadline for submitting documentation regarding 2019 use cases/ENS participation is Dec. 31, 2020.

For more information about the Connection Requirement/attestation process, as well as PDF versions of this year’s Attestation/Exception Forms, click here.


In October 2012, Massachusetts launched the statewide electronic health information exchange, The Massachusetts Health Information Highway (The Mass HIway). The Mass HIway offers doctors’ offices, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, skilled nursing facilities, and other healthcare organizations a way to securely and seamlessly transmit vital data electronically.


This meaningful exchange of information can enable the Commonwealth’s care community to:

  • Positively influence care coordination and delivery
  • Avoid readmissions and medical errors
  • Reduce administrative costs and duplicative testing
  • Enhance communication among providers
  • Increase patient engagement
  • Improve public health reporting and analytics

The Mass HIway is open to all interested providers, hospitals, and other organizations within the healthcare community regardless of affiliation, location, or differences in technology.

The updated Mass HIway Regulations are available and are in effect as of October 4, 2019. Click here for a summary of the Mass HIway Regulations, and click here for frequently asked questions about the Mass HIway Regulations.

Eligible healthcare organizations, click here for steps to enroll or call 1-855-MA-HIway (1-855-624-4929 option 1) or email us at for more information.