The Mass HIway, the Massachusetts Health Information Exchange, offers HIway Adoption and Utilization Support (HAUS) Services to assist organizations in the effective deployment of electronic health information exchange (HIE) to enhance care coordination.

There are two tracks available to receive HAUS Services:

  • HAUS for MassHealth Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Community Partners (CPs), and Community Service Agencies (CSAs), in partnership with MassHealth 

  • HAUS for other healthcare organizations for care coordination purposes or to meet the connection requirement established by the Mass HIway Regulations (101 CMR 20.00)

The organizations on either track will receive the HAUS Services free of charge.


The HIway Account Management team will enable participating organizations to incorporate or improve the utilization of HIE for care coordination purposes through the development and implementation of HIE-supported use cases, such as:

  • ACO sends a referral to a Behavioral Health (BH) CP

  • ACO sends a referral to a Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) CP

  • CP sends a referral to their affiliated partner, affiliated partner responds to referral

  • CSA sends a request for member’s Care Plan to PCP

  • PCP sends member’s Care Plan to CSA

  • Discharge Summary is sent from a hospital to a long term care facility, BH CP, or LTSS CP

  • BH CP sends Comprehensive Assessment, Person-Centered Treatment Plan to PCP

  • CP or CSA sends updated Care Plan back to the member’s PCP

  • Primary Care Provider (PCP) sends a referral to Specialist

The HIway Account Manager that is assigned to work with the organization will:

  • Assist with completion of a Use Case Planning Form. This work product is an important first step in planning to incorporate and fully utilize HIE in practice. It identifies the goals of the use case and key stakeholders that must be involved to ensure the use case supports the needs of the organization.

  • Advise how to develop HIE solutions for an EHR environment and work with organizations that still have a manual information exchange process.

  • Assist with an assessment of technical connectivity in order to identify critical gaps. The resulting HAUS Capabilities Evaluation will help to illustrate technical readiness, and assist with selecting and developing an achievable use case that also meets the contractual requirements of the program.

  • Assist with development and management of an HIE Technology and Workflow Project Plan to help manage all critical steps from concept to reality. The goal is to help ensure that the identified use case is fully implemented and utilized by both the sending and receiving organizations.

How to Enroll

To request HAUS Services:

  1. Email: Send an email to Include the word “HAUS” in the subject line and include your name, title, phone number, email address, and provider organization name in the body of the email. A HIway Account Manager will follow up with you to schedule an exploratory call.

  2. Exploratory Call: Participate in the one hour exploratory call. The purpose of this call is to review the details of the HAUS program, including the project management and consulting services that the account management team will provide. The HIway Account Manager will explain the Terms of Participation, and will help you identify a valuable use case along with the leadership, staff, and trading partner(s) that would need to participate in the project.

  3. Confirm Interest: After the exploratory call, notify the HIway Account Manager that your organization would like to move forward with HAUS Services. Your Account Manager will schedule an Introductory Meeting to finalize the enrollment.

  4. Introductory Meeting: Leadership from your organization will meet with the HIway Account Manager. Leadership from the trading partner organization(s) should be invited to attend as well. The Account Manager will work with you and your trading partner to review the following two items in more detail and determine next steps:

    • Terms of Participation: An organization must fill in and sign the Terms of Participation before it may receive HAUS Services. The Project Lead must be identified in this document. The Project Lead will work closely with the Account Manager to implement a care coordination use case.

    • Capabilities Evaluation: The HIway Account Manager will assist the organization with completing a HAUS Capabilities Evaluation. This is an assessment of the existing technical connectivity with the purpose of identifying critical gaps, HIE readiness, and use case and trading partner opportunities.

  5. Commit to Participation: Make your commitment to participate by signing the Terms of Participation and returning it to the HIway Account Manager.

HAUS Implementation

Once your organization sends the signed Terms of Participation back to the HIway Account Manager, the project implementation can begin. The key components of a HAUS Services project include:

  1. Project Team Identification: Once the signed Terms of Participation is received, the Account Manager will contact the Project Lead to identify a Project Team. This team needs to include key staff members that can ensure the care coordination use case gets fully implemented. This must include members of both your organization and the trading partners.

  2. Kickoff Meeting: The HIway Account Manager will work with the Project Lead to schedule a kick-off meeting with the Project Team. In the meeting, the Account Manager will assist the Project Team in the preparation of the HIE Use Case Planning Form, which will serve as the project charter. The Project Team will be finalized and a Project Lead will be identified for each trading partner to represent their organization in the project.

  3. Weekly or Bi-weekly Meetings: The HIway Account Manager will facilitate weekly or bi-weekly meetings with the Project Leads and Project Team to ensure that the necessary tasks are being completed, target dates are met, and course corrections are made to ensure a successful use case implementation. The Account Manager will maintain a project plan for this purpose, which will be updated in collaboration with the Project Team. In the meetings, the Account Managers can provide advice for the technical aspects of the HIE implementation, and assistance in the workflow mapping and redesign.

MassHealth ACOs, CPs, CSAs

More about HAUS for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Community Partners (CPs), and Community Service Agencies (CSAs)

Utilization of HAUS Services will not impact the ACO and CP Technical Assistance (TA) Card funding available to ACOs, CPs, and CSAs through the MassHealth DSRIP Technical Assistance (TA) Program. HAUS is a separate initiative from the MassHealth DSRIP TA Program, and organizations may participate in both programs.

HIE will be a critical enabler to the success of alternative payment models in healthcare because HIE assists providers in improving care quality at a reduced cost. Accordingly, a key contractual requirement for all MassHealth ACOs includes “facilitating communication between the Enrollee and the Enrollee’s providers and among such Providers, for example, through the use of the Mass HIway”. The goal of HAUS is to assist ACOs, CPs and CSAs in meeting this requirement.