Mass HIway 2.0 Migration Information

The new Mass HIway Direct Messaging System, known as HIway 2.0, will align the Mass HIway with modern interoperability standards, simplify the connection process, and improve the user experience using the Orion Health Communicate solution. Orion Health Communicate is an EHNAC/DirectTrust accredited, cloud-based, Software as a Service solution that is an ONC 2015 Edition certified Direct Project, Edge Protocol, and XDR/XDM product.

The HIway Operations Team will be migrating all HIway Participants from the legacy HIway to the new and improved HIway 2.0 environment over the next several months.

Our mission is to streamline the migration process and ensure the implementation has minimal impact to business operations.

If you have any questions about HIway 2.0 Migration, or you are a Mass HIway Participant that is ready to get started, please email us at


What is needed from Participants

Step 1: Verify your Organization Contacts with Mass HIway

The Mass HIway Operations team will work with Participants throughout the migration process to ensure minimal disruption.

It is important that we have updated contact information for your key personnel.

Please email with the name, title, email address, and phone number for each of the following contacts in your organization:

  • Authorized Officer of the Organization responsible for the Mass HIway relationship (e.g., CIO, CEO, or other individual expressly authorized to legally bind the Organization). 
  • All Access Administrator(s) (See section 7 of the Mass HIway Policies and Procedures)
  • All Technical Contact(s)

Step 2: Complete Required Forms

Level of Assurance (LOA) 3 is the government standard for electronic authentication of identify required for health information exchange.  Therefore, either the Authorized Officer of the Organization OR Mass HIway Access Administrator will be required to:

  • Undergo an identity proofing process to serve as the Health Care Organization (HCO) Administrator in order for DigiCert to issue the required key encipherment and digital signature certificates to the organization; 
  • Manage the completion of the required Health Care Organization (HCO) Account Request Form(s) relevant to the applicable connectivity pathway(s).

The HCO Representative must be either a Mass HIway Access Administrator or an Officer of the Organization, and should be determined in accordance with the Organization's policies and procedures.  The HCO Form(s) must be signed and submitted by the HCO Representative that completes the DOID Form for identify verification to be approved by DigiCert. 

About the Forms that Need to be Completed

There are two HIway 2.0 Migration forms that must be completed together and submitted to the Mass HIway:

#1. “Declaration of Identity (DOID) Form for Direct Identity Verification and Authorization” (click link to download form) which designates an individual with DigiCert as an authorized representative of the organization, known as the Healthcare Organization (HCO) Representative. The HCO Representative must undergo an identity proofing process as outlined in this form for DigiCert to issue the required key encipherment and digital signature certificates to the Organization. 

Important instructions and information about the DOID Form and identity verification process:

  • Identity proofing is a time sensitive process. DigiCert must speak with the Notary directly within 30 days of the notarized date or the form is invalid.

    o Send your completed form to immediately after the form is notarized so Mass HIway can review and submit to DigiCert as soon as possible.

    o   Discuss the important information for the Notary on page 3 of the DOID Form with your selected Notary. The Notary must include a listed, verifiable telephone number, which DigiCert will use to contact the Notary to verify the HCO Administrator’s identity. DigiCert will call the Notary at that number from 801-701-9600, trying at least once a day within the 30 day window.

  • The Applicant does not need to submit copies of identity proofing documents to the Mass HIway or DigiCert. These are for review by the Notary only.

    o   Only high level information about those identity proofing documents will be included on page 2 of the DOID Form, which does get submitted to the Mass HIway and DigiCert. The Applicant has a choice of which  identity proofing documents to provide the Notary as a part of this process (see the list on page 3 of the DOID Form). Please review the high level information about those documents that will be submitted on page 2 when making your selection.

    o   Only the minimum number of individuals at the Mass HIway will have access to completed DOID Forms for processing purposes. All of these individuals have had HIPAA training and are subject to HIPAA requirements in handling personally identifiable information.

    o   Mass HIway will not retain copies of the completed DOID Form. Instead, the submitted DOID Form will be stored in a secure tracking system, which will be used as the method for DigiCert to receive and review the Form to initiate the identity proofing process.

  • How to find a Notary:

    o   Most banks and many retail photocopy shops and parcel shipping stores have Notaries on staff. Call ahead to confirm availability and services.

    o   Use this online search tool to find a Notary in your area.

#2. “Communicate HCO Account Request” Form(s) for the appropriate connection type(s) for your organization. Your organization may be required to submit more than one of these Forms given your connection pathway(s):

Important instructions and information about the HCO Form

  • The HCO Form(s) must be signed and submitted by the HCO Representative that completes the DOID Form for identify verification by DigiCert.

Step 3: Submit the Completed Forms

  • The DOID Form and HCO Form(s) must be submitted at the same time and must be completed by the same person.
  • Completed Forms must be submitted to the Mass HIway by August 31, 2018 in order to schedule the technical migration.
  • Participants have the following options to submit the Forms:
  1. Send via regular email to: Do not send a Direct Message to this email address from your Mass HIway connection. Participants can send by their Organization’s preferred secure method or by regular email. Note that standard security measures apply to sending by regular email.
  2. Send via Direct Message using your Mass HIway connection to Do not send via regular email or text to this address. The message will not be received to this address if sending via regular email or text.  
  3. Send via regular mail to the address below. Given the time sensitive nature of the identity proofing process, expedited shipping is recommended.
Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Attention: HIway 2.0 Migration Office
100 Hancock Street, 9th Floor
Quincy, MA 02171

Click here  for information about the Participant Migration Process to learn more about the next steps after submitting the required Forms.

Click here for sample completed Forms and other helpful resources.

If you have any questions about completing or submitting these Forms, please email us at

Participant Migration Process

Our mission is to streamline the migration process and ensure the implementation has minimal impact to your business operations.

The Mass HIway will work with your Organization to schedule your technical migration at a time that is most convenient. The process may include 24-48 hours of downtime.

During the migration process, Mass HIway will continue to operate in maintenance-only mode. There will be no interruption in current services.

What to Expect After Submitting the Required Migration Forms (Click here for Forms and Instructions):

After the completed DOID Form and HCO Form(s) have been submitted to the Mass HIway:

  1. The Mass HIway will review your DOID Form and your HCO Form(s).   If there are any questions or issues with the Forms, you will receive an email from If there are no issues with the Forms, the Mass HIway will immediately submit the Forms to DigiCert via the secure support tracking system. The identity verification process by DigiCert can take up to 2 weeks to 30 days, depending on when DigiCert speaks with the Notary and informs the Mass HIway of its determination.
  2. Once DigiCert informs theMass HIway if the applicant has been approved or denied, the Mass HIway will contact the Applicant with the determination and outline the next steps. This notification will be sent from
  3. If approved, the Mass HIway will work with your Organization to schedule your technical migration timeline. The process may include 24-48 hours of downtime  at the time of the switchover  from HIway 1.0 to HIway 2.0 in the Production instance. We will do our best to schedule your migration at a time that is most convenient for your organization based on the migration schedule.
  4. If not approved, you will receive a notification from in order to process again.

About the Migration Schedule

In order to provide the best customer service to all participants, we are planning for a phased approach and will migrate participants in groups, referred to as “Waves”. In order to be scheduled into a Wave, Participants must submit completed required Forms and successfully complete the identity proofing process. Click here for more information about completion and submission of the required Forms.

Our goal is to migrate all Participants to HIway 2.0 by early 2019. HIway 1.0 will be decommissioned after all Participant migrations have completed.

If you have any questions about the HIway 2.0 Migration process, please email us at

Clinical Gateway (CG) Node Migration Release Notes

This is for informational purposes only for Participants that submit data to the various Public Health and other nodes via the Clinical Gateway. The Clinical Nodes have been upgraded to the latest standards. No action is needed from Participants, and the migration is seamless.

The release notes outline the new, streamlined response messages that participants will see when engaging with the Clinical Gateway as a result of HIway 2.0 Migration.

  1. Massachusetts Cancer Registry (MCR) ---> Click here
  2. Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) ---> Click here
  3. E-Referral (eReferral) ---> Click here
  4. Intake Enrollment Assessment Service (IEATS-OTP) ---> Click here
  5. Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) ---> Click here
  6. Children's Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) ---> Click here
  7. Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS) ---> Click here
  8. Syndromic Surveillance (Syndromic) ---> Click here
  9. Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) ---> Click here


More information about HIway 2.0 features and improvements:

  • DirectTrust Certification: Using DigiCert secure certificates, HIway 2.0 has been accredited by the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) to join Direct Trust certified HISPs. The certification will expand your potential HIE network, as it provides connection to 25 HISPs used by providers in Massachusetts and over 120 accredited HISPs operating across the nation.
  • New Provider Directory: The HIway 2.0 provider directory follows Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) recommendations. This standardizes and simplifies the upload format to create a more seamless process to exchange health data and expand the directory beyond the state.
  • ONC 2015 170.315 Edge Protocol Certification: This certification supports compliance with advance stages of Meaningful Use (now known as “Promoting Interoperability”).
  • Native support for Multi-recipient messaging is included with the new Connect Device software to improve ease of use.
  • Single-use certificate support for all connection types improves security and increases interoperability with other HISPs
  • Familiar User Interface: Webmail and hardware device (LAND) users will see little change from the interface you are currently used to, requiring a minimum of technical intervention, while expanded features will be included.
  • Standardized XDR Direct Messaging: HIway 2.0 will more easily integrate with existing EHR systems to handle messaging directly from systems providers are already using. 
  • Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) compliance: HIway 2.0 will now allow message exchange with Federal agencies that require FBCA compliance.


Click the below links to download the sample completed forms: 

  • Communicate Webmail- HCO Account Request- HIway 2.0 Migration Click here

  • Communicate Connect- HCO Account Request- HIway 2.0 Migration Click here

  • Communicate Direct XDR- HCO Account Request- HIway 2.0 Migration Click here

  • Declaration of Identity (DOID) Form- For Direct Identity Verification And Authorization Click here

On Demand Presentations:

  • HIway 2.0 Tutorial for Completing Required Forms: Video

  • HIway 2.0 Overview Webinar: July 31, 2018: PDF \ Video

  • HIway 2.0 Overview Webinar: August 24, 2018: Video


A: A. No, the DOID form and the HCO form must be submitted at the same time regardless of connection pattern for the production environment.

A: The HCO Representative must either by a Mass HIway Access Administrator or an Officer of the Organization, and should be determined in accordance with the Organization’s policies and Procedures. Both forms must be completed by the same person.

A: Yes, the forms can be submitted electronically in two different ways:

A: Yes, but we recommend sending express mail because the identity proofing process is time sensitive. We have 30 days from the notarized date on your DOID form for DigiCert to approve the application. The mailing address is:

Attention: HIway 2.0 Migration Office

                   100 Hancock Street, 9th Floor

                   Quincy, MA 02171

A: No, the Non-production environment for HIway 2.0 is only offered for our Direct XDR participants.

A: Yes, you can keep your same domain. There is a field in the HCO Account form where you can enter the domain you would like, and it can be the same as what you have for your existing HIway connection. If you want to change the domain you’re using for 2.0, we can set up your connection with no downtime involved.

A: If you are using Webmail then you can keep the same username. You will need to reset your password the first time you log in.